The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Disney

First Day
Teddy Bears and Bar Scares

Dodge and Flagg were walking through the village Harken one evening, when a young boy approached them. He told them someone had stolen his teddy bear, Edolphina and ran down a dark alleyway. While something seemed strange, the young boy burst into tears before they could get more information out of him. Flagg peered down the long dark alleyway, and could just make out a boat on the White River at the end of the pathway. A dark figure was standing in the shadows at the far end of the alleyway. Dodge rushed towards the figure, but an arm darted out of a hidden pathway and grabbed her. “Hand us all your coin or you die” it hissed. Dodge’s eyes adjusted to the light and she could make out two teenage boys, one directly across from her, the other the dark figure she had ran towards. With a quick motion she unsheathed her sword and arched back to attempt a stab at her assailant. His grip loosened, and Dodge quickly turned to face her opponent, keeping her sword at his throat. All three boys looked startled. Before they could react, Flagg had started down the hallway before becoming concealed, appearing behind their original target and grabbing him from behind. The boy whimpers and pees himself. “What do you want from us?”, one of the boys cries. “The teddy bear”, Dodge orders. The one free boy tosses the tattered doll at her feet. Flagg throws his captive at the other boy as Dodge sheaths her sword. As they return back down the hallway, one of the boys cries “Filthy halfblood! I’d expect you to keep company with their kind!”. Flagg stops for a moment, but Dodge continues her stride, and Flagg follows after her.

Dodge decides to check in for the night, but Flagg feels like having a drink before resting. He proceeds to the nearest tavern, where three of the local militia are drunkenly singing at a table. Flagg takes a seat nearest to a young Dragonborn soldier and eldery Dwarf. He orders a Shirley Temple from the elf barmaiden Tiflona. The Dragonborn scoffs into his beer, “Ha! Thats a woman’s drink.” Flagg turns a deadly gaze in his direction and unleashes a fiery hit to the soldier, who is launched from his seat. The militia rises from the table to protect their ally. The dwarf helps the Dragonborn up as he discourages him from rebuking the Tiefling. Flagg taunts the Dragonborn, who flings the Dwarf away from him and takes a swing at Flagg. Flagg quickly sidesteps the blow and drops a ball of flame on the table the soldiers arose from. The table explodes into flame as alcohol is consumed by the flames. The soldiers are blown from their feet and badly wounded. The dwarf stands up and backs into a corner. As the wounded soldiers and Dragonborn fight with Flagg, the dwarf heals the wounds of all parties. As Flagg emerges victorious, he chastises the tiefling for his violent ways, but beseeches his mercy since he provided him aid. Flagg leaves the bar as the dwarf magically repairs the bar.


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